Sustainable Development Puzzle Workshop Starting from Self Change and Focusing on Sustainable Development | Co hosted by the Green Board Working Group of CBCGDF
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On the afternoon of May 27, 2023, the Sustainable Development Puzzle Workshop, which was also called as 2023 International Biodiversity Conference of People - Parallel Conference 5 (2023 IBCOP PC5), was officially held at Tsinghua University. The event was jointly organized by the Green Board Working Group of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), Tsinghua University Student Association on Net Zero Future, and the Beijing Representative Office of French ESSEC Management Consulting Co., Ltd. The Green Board Working Group of CBCGDF sent representatives to participate in the puzzle workshop, and Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary General of CBCGDF, also attended this event on that day.

There were three themes in this activity: brain - understanding, heart - sensation, and hand -action. Brain - understanding was divided into three sections: climate puzzle, biodiversity puzzle, and sustainable food puzzle. There were 5 sets of cards in each session (with a pattern on the front, accompanied by text explanations, and some with arrows; the back of the card provided corresponding text explanations, and some also raised questions for thinking and discussion). The participants were divided into four groups, two of which participated in the climate change puzzle, with the other two in the biodiversity and sustainable food puzzle. Everyone was free to choose the session they are interested in, and completed the puzzle by discussing, learning, and communicating with their partners. In a happy atmosphere, everyone had learned knowledge and gained deeper thinking on a series of topics related to sustainable development, which allowed everyone to have a more concrete understanding of the harm humanity has caused to the Earth, and encouraged people to start actions by ourselves, and jointly love the Earth and protect the environment.

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Dr. Zhou Jinfeng explained the science theory to everyone that the changes from ourselves are interrelated with businesses and governments, which could also be referred as that people's changes can affect businesses and governments. For example, when we go out for coffee, we can bring our own cups. The business corporation had contacted CBCGDF and stated that they had implemented an incentive plan to encourage consumers to participate in the "plastic reduction and plastic picking" action. They could receive a reward of 4 yuan for bringing their own water cup, which is a typical case of individual actions driving enterprise change. Before 2017, there was no option for "no tableware" in takeout. Through CBCGDF’s efforts, we were able to choose not to require disposable tableware when ordering on all takeout platforms. CBCGDF have made many changes. Subsequently, Dr. Zhou also introduced a series of concepts related to biodiversity conservation.

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