9th Forum of the Modern Ecological Circulatory Agriculture Tai Shan Industry Circle successfully Held on May 9
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The 9th Forum of the Modern Ecological Circulatory Agriculture Tai Shan Industry Circle was successfully held on May 9, 2023, at an Education Base in Laiwu, Shandong Province.

The theme of the forum was "New Courtyard Economy and Ecological Village Construction". It was jointly organized by the Shandong Agricultural Engineering College, the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation, the Science and Technology Consultation and Development Committee of the Chinese Entomological Society, the Shandong Green Agriculture Promotion Association, the Shandong Insect Industry Association, and the Xing'an League Institute of Ecological Civilization. The forum was hosted by the People's Government of Niuquan Town and the Zhimin Fruits and Vegetables Family Farm in Laiwu District, Jinan City. Many experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs attended the meeting.

At 9 o'clock on the morning of May 9th, the academic forum officially began. The forum was chaired by Professor Ye Baohua from Shandong Agricultural University, and Professor Liu Yusheng, a specially-appointed professor at Shandong Agricultural Engineering College, gave a report on the development history and status of the new courtyard economy. He emphasized the relationship between the new courtyard economy and the three major spaces in rural revitalization. Shang Zhonghua and Zhang Hongxi respectively gave entrepreneur reports. Shang Zhonghua shared the practical experience and future prospects of the new courtyard economy in Jiaobei Village, Zhuyang Town, while Zhang Hongxi introduced the understanding of the construction of ecological villages in Chengqian Village, Culai New District and the meaning of the new village officials in rural revitalization.

The forum brought together many well-known experts and entrepreneurs, including Professor Pan Fengbing and Yang Shuolin from Shandong Agricultural Engineering College, Professor Kang Weibo from Shandong Agricultural University, Ren Lu, the general manager of Qingdao Chonglai Chonglai Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd., Zhang Hongxi, chairman of Shandong Zhanlan Biological Co., Ltd., and Wang Boqing, general manager of Shandong Haoxin Ecological Insect Circulatory Farm, etc. They had in-depth exchanges and discussions around the theme of the new courtyard economy and the construction of ecological villages and shared their practical experience and research results.

The Modern Ecological Circulatory Agriculture Tai Shan Industry Circle Forum is a non-profit modern ecological circulatory agriculture concept and technology seminar activity, which is held every half month, and each session shares and discusses a modern ecological circulatory agricultural industry model.

The forum is of great significance to promote the revitalization and sustainable development of rural areas in the Yellow River Basin. The forum aims to promote the development of ecological circulatory agriculture, explore the role of circulatory agriculture in rural revitalization, promote the coordinated development of agriculture, environment, and resources. This will help to improve agricultural production efficiency and product quality, promote the sustainable utilization of biodiversity (especially insect industry), promote agricultural technological innovation, increase farmers' income, and rural economic development. At the same time, it will also help protect the ecological environment, improve land resource utilization efficiency, and promote sustainable development.

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