Erik Solheim: The New Health requires Cooperation between Man and Nature
2023/5/8 10:51:00 本站

Erik Solheim, former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and former Executive Director of UNEP, Senior Advisor to the World Resources Institute, renowned global leader in environment and development, and expert at the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation made a keynote speech at the World Young Scientist Summit. And the executive summary is as follows, with the video link:

In 2022, China has made tremendous progress in health as life expectancy per capita surpasses that of the United States. The causes of human death are different from those of human death in the past, which means that new problems are about to emerge. It is clear that we need a new concept of health. The old concept of health is man's victory over nature, and the new concept of health is man's cooperation with nature. A new concept of health combines nature and health, human beings and the whole planet. In this era, we should keep this in mind and the world should work together to build bridges, not barriers, and we should combine the need to be kind to nature with the need to be kind to ourselves and our health into one concept, so that we can move into the future with this unified "one planet, one nature, one health", which is the core of "One Health".


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