CBCGDF Deputy Secretary-General Attends Opening Ceremony of "Negative Ecology & Twenty-four Solar Terms" Exhibition Sponsored by French Embassy to China
2023/5/8 9:06:00 本站

On the evening of May 6, 2023, the Deputy Secretary-General of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), invited by the French Embassy to China, attended the opening ceremony of the "Negative Ecology (L'ecologie negative) & Twenty-four Solar Terms" exhibition, which is sponsored by the French Embassy and other institutions.

This is a unique exhibition that combines traditional Chinese ceramic art, French anthropological theory, and environmental awareness. Twenty-four Jun porcelain pieces specially made for this exhibition are displayed, each corresponding to a solar term. The flow of the twenty-four solar terms corresponds to the changes in the colors and features of nature. Similarly, the subtle differences in kiln temperature during the firing process of the ceramics can bring about "kiln transmutation", which creates unexpected glaze colors. Through different kiln-transformed colors and vessel designs, another "simplified mode" -- the mode of a harmonious relationship between humans and nature -- is intuitively presented to modern people.

Wang Xiyan, the curator of the exhibition and an anthropologist, explained that the inspiration for this exhibition came from using ancient cosmology to reflect on the current environmental crisis, while also paying tribute to the great thinker Claude Levi-Strauss.

The term "Negative Ecology" (L'ecologie negative) comes from the book by French anthropologist Frederick Keck on Claude Levi-Strauss's thinking. In order to describe Levi-Strauss's exploration of ecological issues, Keck used photographic negatives as a metaphor, because the imprints and shadows on the negative are the invisible structures of a photograph. In Levi-Strauss's description of the distant Amazon rainforest, the protection of the environment by humans naturally blends into the intangible background of social life, and its "negative" is like a photographic negative, only appearing under special exposure. The exhibition hopes to show the harmonious relationship between the nature and culture symbolized by the twenty-four solar terms, which blends in silence.

This event was held under the framework of the 2022 China-France Environmental Month. Nicolas Pillerel, Minister Counselor for Cultural, Educational and Scientific Affairs of the French Embassy in China, delivered the opening speech. During the event, the Deputy Secretary-General of the CBCGDF exchanged views with Mr. Pillerel, introducing the revolutionary ideas proposed by the China Green Development Association in the field of biodiversity conservation, such as "Biodiversity Conservation in Our Neighborhoods" (BCON), "Three Principles of Pollution Control" and "Four Principles of Ecological Restoration". CBCGDF’s ideas and the environmental protection philosophy of "Negative Ecology" can be said to be different paths leading to the same goal, which is the interdependence and harmonious coexistence of humans and the natural environment, promoting each other's sustainable prosperity.

The "Twenty-four Solar Terms" is a product of China's ancient agricultural civilization and was included in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2016. The twenty-four solar terms are a knowledge system formed by observing celestial movements and recognizing the changes in seasons, climate, and phenology throughout the year, embodying ecological wisdom and a harmonious relationship between humans and nature. The porcelain pieces are created through a combination of nature and human effort, and each kiln-transformed porcelain piece is a unique work of art.

Reported by Shui Yunjian

Translated by Littlejane

Editor: Daisy

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