International Department of CBCGDF and ECONET Kinki Exchanged Views on Work and Discussed Future Cooperation
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On September 26, 2022, the International Department of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) and ECONET Kinki Japan held the first online meeting. Both sides introduced their work respectively and had a discussion on future cooperation.


Established in 2006, ECONET Kinki Japan is committed to passing on the diverse natural environment to the next generation, promoting the socialization of environmental activities, and enabling everyone to live a sustainable and prosperous life. It aims to build a society where people can build and realize their dreams without threatening the livelihoods of other living beings and exceeding the resources of the planet.


As an intermediate support organization, ECONET Kinki conducts consultation and support activities in the environmental field for citizens, NPOs, companies, and administration. This kind of support can be provided not only within the prefectures, but also across prefectures, counties, towns and villages, and has a long-term, wide-area and comprehensive nature.


ECONET Kinki is not only consulted by citizens, NPOs, companies, and administrations on environmental issues, but also promotes human resource development in the field of environmental protection, and conducts work exchanges and cooperation with domestic and international environmental organizations.


This meeting is the first online exchange between ECONET Kinki and the International Department of CBCGDF. Both introduced their work respectively.


Professor Jin, member of ECONET Council, said: In Japanese universities, it is very common to carry out Project Based Learning (PBL) or Community-based Learning (CBL). Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is also very common from the stage of compulsory education to ordinary citizens, and it has been written in the education outline of the Ministry of Education. It is also very common to use "SDGs (17 Sustainable Development Goals)" to conduct self-validation evaluations to measure all the civic activities carried out by governments, companies, or a department. In conclusion, environment protection and biodiversity conservation can no longer rely solely on the various protected areas of the country, but need awareness being strengthened in the daily life which encourage people to take action, thus to cultivate a social foundation. ECONET Kinki's work background includes these changes in social needs and social consciousness.


For future cooperation, both sides agreed that ECONET Kinki and CBCGDF have provided good platforms to share the activities in biodiversity and other aspects. At the same time, as an intermediate support organization, both sides can view social development from a macro perspective, and strengthen cooperation and experience sharing in theory, education, training, etc.


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