"Green Paper on Green Development" Compilation Officially Launched and Good Cases being Collected
2022/10/9 16:47:00 本站

Recently, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) held the first meeting for the compilation of "2023 China Green Economy Development Analysis", a part of the "Green Paper on Green Development" series. The meeting was chaired by Xiao Qing, Deputy Secretary-General of CBCGDF, with the participation of representatives from Xiaokang Magazine and China Civil Entrepreneur. Wang Binkang, Deputy Director of the Green Enterprise Working Committee of CBCGDF and executive editor-in-chief of the Book, made the work distribution.


This meeting mainly focuses on the composition of the editorial committee, the work plan and the meeting system of the editorial committee. Prof.Wang Binkang gave a systematic introduction on the writing plan and main contents of the Book, which will be edited by Xie Boyang, chair of CBCGDF, and published by China Social Sciences Press. The book takes "China's Green Economy Development and Policy Suggetions in 2023" as its general report, covering green design, green energy, green supply chain, green finance, intelligent innovation and development of green economy cycles, and green consumption, etc.



In order to combine theory with practice and promote excellent cases of green development, excellent cases are being solicited from the society and Application conditions are as following:

(1) Comply with the relevant national environmental protection regulations, policies and standards;

(2) The effect of pollution prevention and control is obvious, and the main technical and economic indicators are advanced;

(3) The technology holding unit is a legally registered unit and is operating, with clear intellectual property rights of the technology and no property disputes;

(4) The case has been accepted for at least one year, and the technology has typicality, representativeness and promotability.


CBCGDF Green Enterprise Working Committee

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