Life Care Education Based on Mental Model Improvement|Yo Yo Lu Ming Series Interview with CBCGDF Experts
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A new concept to overcome all kinds of conflicts and differences, to let go of the arrogance of conquering nature, to give up the selfishness of blindly pursuing the satisfaction of personal desires, and to experience and understand the existence of the "community of life", to experience and understand the coexistence and common prosperity between us and all life in nature, will enable us to have a bright future. This is the goal of the "Life Care Education" project. The life care education course is oriented to the individual and social life of students, aiming at whole-person education, to improve children's socialization ability to understand the world, perceive the world, and participate in the world. How to make children's basic senses fully developed and have empathy during their growth period is a problem ignored by modern education. The practice of life care education gives a series of specific operational programs.


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l  Topic: "Life Care Education Based on Mental Model Improvement"

l  Live broadcast time: September 26, 2022 at 16:00 pm

l  Guests: Ms. Zhang Yuanyuan; Mr. Ma Hanlin; Ms. Su Peifen


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