CBCGDF ACTAsia Fund and Good food Fund’s First "Plant Forward" Public Event Is Underway! | Global Week of Action in Response to the UN SDGs
2022/9/21 16:01:00 本站

China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) ACTAsia Fund and Good Food Fund have carried out active exploration in this regard. This two-week "Plant Forward" public event will share research recommendations from Asian experts on health and cooking Asian cuisines to practice plant-based living and promote sustainable development in China and other Asian regions. Global consumers are invited to support and participate in this campaign to build a sustainable future.


In the context of global climate change, exploring plant-based diets is considered an effective strategy to mitigate climate change.


At present, many people still have insufficient understanding of plant-based diets. It is particularly important to spread the healthy concept of plant-based diets to the international community and promote a reasonable dietary structure and healthy lifestyle.


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