Welcome to the Chinese publishers! The Club of Rome authorizes CBCGDF to translate and publish the new book Limits and Beyond
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On July 8, 2022, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) received a letter from Carlos Alvarez Pereira, Vice President of The Club of Rome. In the letter from Carlos Alvarez Pereira, the Club of Rome confirmed the authorization of the CBCGDF to translate and publish the report of The Club of Rome Limits and Beyond: 50 years on from The Limits to Growth, what did we learn and what’s next? 

Here, CBCGDF consults cooperative publishers on the publication of the book Limits and Beyond in China, and interested publishers are welcome to contact us.

Contact:  Tel: 17319454776 ; Email: wj@cbcgdf.org or v52@cbcgdf.org


In 1972, The Club of Rome's landmark report The Limits to Growth was the first to examine population growth, the growing ecological footprint of human activity and its limited impact on us from a systems perspective. The study of the physical effects of the Earth. The report authors warn that if growth trends in population, industrialization, resource use and pollution continue unabated, we will reach and exceed the Earth's carrying capacity sometime in the first decades of the 21st century.

Over the past half century, The Limits to Growth has proven to be remarkably accurate. The world population and economy continue to grow, and as a result, humanity now finds itself facing an unprecedented planetary emergency. The publication has played a key role in shaping the sustainability narrative, alerting the world to the dangers of unlimited growth, environmental pollution and uncontrolled resource consumption.The Limits to Growth changed the world.

On the 50th anniversary of The Limits to Growth, the Club of Rome works with the two original authors of The Limits to Growth, Dennis Meadows and Jorgen Randers, and from around the world the leading thinkers, scientists, analysts and economists who wrote Limits and Beyond, highlight new and diverse ways of thinking about an ancient but increasingly pressing problem.

The report was officially released on 10 May 2022 as a new report by the Club of Rome. It once again examines and asks the fundamental questions of human existence on this finite planet.

This new report focuses on what we've learned since 1972, and what's coming next. It raises the questions: If we know that continued growth in population, industrialization, resource use and pollution will cause us to exceed the carrying capacity of the planet, why haven't we acted? What have we learned over the past 50 years? How did we end up learning what we already know? Is it too late to avoid exceeding the limits of the planet? What do we do now? The Limits and Beyond is a book that will shape the conversation about our place on Earth for the next 50 years and beyond.

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