ZHOU Jinfeng's Open Lecture on Ecological Civilization for Children Living in Remote Mountains
2022/6/21 20:30:00 本站

“The 2022 public welfare lectures for children living in the remote mountains" is a public welfare project jointly initiated by China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), Citizen Committee of China Association of Social Workers, Smart Village Committee and other professional education public welfare organizations. On June 16, Dr. ZHOU Jinfeng, Secretary General of CBCGDF, was invited to deliver the second online public welfare lecture for the children. The speech is as following:

Many thanks to Chairman Zhang and all the team members who built this platform and have made so much efforts for the children. I would also like to thank the teachers and students who participated in the activity. And on behalf of CBCGDF, I would like to express my gratitude to organizers, participants, all the listeners and friends online.


The second lecture is about new energy. I would like to talk about this topic from three aspects.


First, why do we need new energy? After the industrial revolution, especially in the past 100 years, the advanced technology has enabled us to find a large amount of underground fossil energy around the world, including coal, oil and natural gas, which have been developed and used. They have brought a lot of benefits to mankind. However, the use of them also brings us a huge problem which is carbon dioxide emission. The greenhouse effect caused by carbon emission filled in the air is like a big quilt all over the earth, which makes the earth gets warmer and warmer. So, what is bad about this temperature rising? Why should we change it? It is because the rapidly changing climate has led to rapid changes in the earth's ecosystem. The significantly increased global temperature has led to the melting of a large number of glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctic, causing the rise of sea level.


Do you know that every mass extinction has a huge relationship with major changes in the climate and environment? Now our earth has entered the sixth mass extinction, the speed and scale of which are faster and greater than the dinosaur extinction. For this reason, the United Nations has established the Convention on biological diversity and United Nations Framework Convention on Climate. Change, both of which are specifically designed to address these two issues. China has made great contributions and important commitments in this regard, and every one of us need to reduce the use of fossil energy. So, what should we do if we want to reduce using of fossil energy? This leads us to new energy.


Second, I would like to discuss the issues in the development and utilization of new energy. At present, our typical new energy is solar energy. Using our current science and technology, we can directly convert solar energy into electric energy through solar panels and transmit it to thousands of households. Another typical new energy is wind energy, which can also be used to generate electricity. These are two very typical new energy sources, also known as green energy and sustainable energy.


In my opinion, new energy may also have problems. The first one is the facilities of these energy sources, such as solar panels and power lines for energy transmission. These facilities all need a lot of materials. During the production of these materials, nature also needs to pay a very huge ecological and environmental cost. The second problem is that in the process of building solar power plants and wind power plants, the natural environment will inevitably be affected.


I am not saying that new energy is not good. New energy is the road we must take and the road we must build on a large scale. But I also want to highlight that avoiding waste is the foundation of ecological civilization. We should use less plastic book covers, save water and electricity, reuse books, and so on. ?


Now I would like to tell the story of Molly. Molly is a baby elephant in Henan who lives on performance for people. In order to make it perform better, the trainer controls its diet and hits it with an hook. This is not a natural performance. It is forced. What is the difference between our new civilization and the old one? During the period of industrial civilization, animals were our tools. We made them to perform for us, eat their meat, and forced them to do things for us. But in the era of ecological civilization, the relationship between animals and people has changed. Animals are our friends. After the industrial civilization consumed a large amount of ecological resources, the wild animals lost their habitat and were rapidly decreasing. As we all know, Sichuan panda base is the only natural home existed for pandas. How come it’s the only one? It is the continuous development of industrial civilization on the earth that leads to fewer and fewer habitats for animals. In the era of ecological civilization, we should stop building new zoos and aquariums.


Save energy. Save materials. Each of us ??can make contribution to the ecological civilization. I hope that everyone can understand the influence that changing era is bringing to us, and every one can make his or her own efforts to help our nature and make the earth a better place. Meanwhile, I hope that our series lectures can provide our lovely children with really good spiritual refreshment. Thank you.


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