Mulch Film Management and Microplastics Pollution in Soil- CBCGDF Series Interview Yo Yo Lu Ming (episode 3) on May 10
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China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) launched the interview for common good - "Yo Yo Lu Ming - interview experts dedicated into Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation ", which aims to promote the global construction of ecological civilization. Episode 1 with the theme on "plastic pollution control and biodiversity protection" and Episode 2 on “degradable plastics, how to solve the problem?" were successfully held on March 18 and April 8.


Mulch Film Management and Microplastics Pollution in Soil, the latest episode, will broadcast at 14:30 p.m. on May 10.


China is the largest user of mulch film, consuming about 75% of the global use. Mulch film can increase the average yield by about 30%, which has made a great contribution to China's agriculture. However, if not thoroughly cleaned and collected after being discarded, the mulch film will bring plastic pollution to the land and a threat to soil quality and food security. Therefore, how to solve the problem of mulch film pollution is involved in the plastic pollution control plans formulated by Chinese governments at all levels. CBCGDF also concern about the issue on how to better manage the mulch film and minimize the plastic pollution caused by it, and think about what can we learn from foreign experience. At 14:40 on May 10, above topics will be discussed. Please focus on our Series Interview Yo Yo Lu Ming ,episode 3, on Mulch Film Management and Microplastics Pollution in Soil.




Dr. Yan Changrong: Researcher of Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development in Agriculture, Chinese Academy of Agriculture Sciences; Director of the Key Laboratory of Agricultural Film Pollution Prevention and Control of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the PRC; Chair of the International Agricultural Plastics Association


Ms. Hou Jingyue: Executive director of Rural plastic upgrading management, GIZ


Topics to be discussed in this interview:


1. Impact of mulch film residue on soil and agricultural production in China

2. China's contribution on pollution prevention and control of mulch film

3. International direction of agricultural plastics management

4. European experience in agricultural mulch film management

5. Discussion on the solution to the problem of agricultural mulch film


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