Meeting with Ms. Lucy Mulenkei: Friends CBCGDF Made in WG-2020
2022/4/6 16:43:00 本站

On March 25, Professor Fred Dubee, a member of CBCGDF delegation to the CBD Geneva meetings and an expert consultant for CBCGDF's international work, met with Ms. Lucy Mulenkei from the International Indigenous Biodiversity Forum. Dialogue on Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPLCs) was carried on, and experiences of the current socio-ecological crisis and their contributions to the CBD's Strategic Plan for Biodiversity were exchanged as well.


Ms. Lucy Mullenke is not only a representative of biodiversity and indigenous peoples, but also of human rights, especially women's rights. Her book, Local Biodiversity Outlook 1 (LBO-1), was published in 2016 as a complement to the fourth edition of the Global Biodiversity Outlook (GBO-4). A key source of evidence for actions and contributions to the goals of the Convention on Sexuality (CBD). 

During this meeting, Ms. Lucy Mullenkai presented her book "Local Biodiversity Outlook 2" (LBO-2). This work has been prepared in response to a collaborative request from the International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity, the Indigenous Women's Biodiversity Network, the Distinguished Centre for Indigenous and Local Knowledge, the Forest Dwellers Programme and the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity. It brings together information and case studies from Indigenous peoples, local communities and community organizations around the world, as well as information from published academic and non-academic sources.


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