China Association for the Club of Rome Brings out its First Report--Understanding China Will Make a World of a Difference
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The China Association for the Club of Rome (China CoR) held its monthly meeting on November 16 from 7pm to 8pm Beijing time. Zhou Jinfeng, Fred Dubee and Chandran Nair attended the meeting, which was organized by the chair, Jorgen Randers.


This meeting focused on the distribution of the first academic report Understanding China Will Make a World of a Difference issued by China CoR. The Board of the China CoR decided to distribute the report to the members of the China CoR for review and comment after the meeting.


The report is entitled Understanding China Will Make a World of a Difference. It was written during the last half of 2021, with the goal of contributing to improved global communication and understanding.


The mission of the China CoR, amongst other things, is to promote international understanding and cooperation between China and the rest of the world. In its most distilled form, the mission is to reduce geopolitical tensions occurring from the rise of China.


This report is an attempt to fill a void and contribute to reducing said tensions in the process. The void is the need for the rest of the world to better understand the China of today.


About China Association for the Club of Rome


The China Association for the Club of Rome was established in 2018 and its four co-founders are:

-Dr. Jorgen RANDERS, Professor emeritus of Climate Strategy, BI Norwegian School of Management

-Dr Jinfeng ZHOU, Secretary General, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation

-Prof. Frederick Charles DUBEE, Co-chair Advisoiy Board BGI CGI

-Mr. Chandran NAIR, Founder & CEO, Global Institute for Tomonow


Its mission is to make the world better understand China, especially its successful experience in ecological civilization construction, thereby furthering international cooperation to identify viable solutions to the most pressing challenges to global sustainability. Its primary goal is to help humanity face and meet the challenges posed by the existential threat posed to humans on the planet by their own actions, rooted in rampant enviromnental destruction and unsustainable resource use in pursuit of unrestrained economic growth. By virtue of working within China, China CoR aspires to help the world achieve the Sustainable Development Goals agreed by the UN in 2015, drawing upon the lessons learnt and the success of China towards this end.


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