Zhou Jinfeng Invited to 1st World Health Forum| the Biological and Scientific Committee, BASE :“One Health”
2021/11/11 11:44:00 本站

Recently, Zhou Jinfeng, Vice President and Secretary General of CBCGDF, received an invitation to participate in the 1st World Health Forum (WHF 2021) in Beijing. Relevant information presented by the Biological and Scientific Committee, BASEis showed as followed.


Name of the forum:

1st World Health Forum, WHF2021


November 20th to 21th GMT+8


offline+ online


Vanke School of Public Health, Tsinghua University

Topics related to CBCGDF:

How to secure human health in the face of a fast-changing environment

Emergency actions to be implemented to protect human health under the background of the climate-change risks


Information about the Biological and Scientific Committee, BASE

Founded in 2018, our committee is aimed at voicing our opinions and ideas in popular fields, such as synthetic biology, genome editing, welfare of farm animals, Animal ethics, artificial intelligence and robot ethics, digital sequence of genetic resources. Since our department was built, we are continuing to exert efforts to offer service to scientists, governmental organizations, and society.  For instance: BASE, together with volunteers of CBCGDF, completed and published Rabies Education Personnel Qualification Training for Chinese online-version (beta) of Global Alliance for Rabies Control, (GARC), which has promoted China’s ability of rabies prevention; meanwhile, with the help of partners in ACTAsia, BASE held a series of online think-tank forums. All of these lectures and scientific researches prove to be favorable to the progress of global environment governance and construction of ecological civilization.



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Translator/ Gihon Kim