"Healthy China - Healthy Campus" public welfare activity was launched in Beijing, the youth health monitoring and service management system will be built across the board
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A country's future relies on its youth and a country's health also relies on the health of its youth. On June 17, 2021, as the centenary of the Communist Party of China is approaching, the launching ceremony of the "Healthy China - Healthy Campus" public welfare activity was held in Beijing. This activity is initiated by Low Carbon Travel Fund of CBCGDF, and is jointly organized with Chinese government and China Working Committee on caring for the next generation, as operational guidance units.


This public welfare activity is an important measure to comprehensively implement the General Secretary Xi's instructions, Outline of "healthy China 2030" and the fourteenth five year plan and the outline of long term goals for 2035, and assist the development of public health and primary and secondary school campus health. It aims to mobilize the participation of the whole society through the social charity platform, establish and gradually improve the linkage, coordination, daily management and emergency response mechanism from the campus, hospital, CDC to families, and simultaneously assist the local government to build the "health monitoring and service management system" platform, so as to improve the health management ability of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens. The activities gradually carried out in all parts of the country, and the core contents include teenagers' growth and development and physical testing, the normal detection and monitoring of seven infectious diseases, mental health, infectious disease prevention and health education, as well as the "one case, eight systems, five Unifications" informationalization and health service system.


The main leaders and experts attending the event include Long Xinmin, former deputy director and Minister of the Party History Research Office of the CPC Central Committee; Xie Boyang, chairman of the CBCGDF and counsellor of the State Council; Hu Zhaoguang, former vice mayor of Beijing and chairman of the founding Committee of the CBCGDF; Jin Yishi, director of the CBCGDF and director of the special fund for low carbon travel; Lu Keqin, an expert of the CBCGDF; Wang Jian, a researcher at the Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. They fully recognized and strongly supported this public welfare activity.


At the same time, representatives from medical and health fields, caring enterprises and public welfare organizations also attended the event, they came from the National Children's Medical Center, Beijing Children's Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, children's medical center of PLA General Hospital, national health and Health Commission People's health television channel, China Youth Development Foundation, China Sports Association (Beijing) Sports Development Co., Ltd., Tianwen digital Media Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Tianchuang Zhihui Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Three experts, Ni Xin, President of Beijing Children's Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, He Xiyu, director of children's medical center of PLA General Hospital, and Wang Jian, researcher of Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, were invited to serve as the chairman of the expert committee of the public welfare activity of "Healthy China - Healthy Campus". They were also invited to present certificates of donation to representatives of Linyi Caimao Trading Co., Ltd., Aiyuan (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Qingdao mingjiasheng Technology Co., Ltd.


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The power of collective wisdom is invincible. The joint participation of experts from the central and national ministries, medical and health fields, caring enterprises and public welfare institutions has provided professional support and guarantee for the follow-up of the "Healthy China - Healthy Campus" public welfare activities, and also created a good atmosphere and responsibility of common concern and care for the safety and health protection of young people in the whole society, so as to further improve the joint prevention and control mechanism of medicine-school linkage, family-school linkage and social linkage. The activity will also comprehensively help the national strategy of "co-construction and sharing" and protect the physical and mental health of the next generation of the motherland.



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