ZHOU Jinfeng: Fast-retail fashion should change while thrift should become the next mainstream cause
2021/6/17 16:38:00 本站

On May 31, Kering, along with Plug and Play, hosted the first advisory committee meeting of the Second K Generation Sustainable Innovation Pioneer Award. The theme is "Restoration and Biodiversity Conservation".


As a consultant to the award, Zhou Jinfeng attended the meeting and introduced five standards of biodiversity conservation as a measurable tool. In addition, he also mentioned that "zero fur" advocated by CBCGDF has made significant changes, and more and more fashion brands have accepted this idea. More and more brands incorporate environmental protection elements in their fashion design. He said that biodiversity conservation is far more than protecting wild animals, especially the protection of ecosystems. Fashion retailing should change accordingly and stop wasting resources. 

There are two prerequisites for natural dyes to replace the current chemical dyes and become a model for biodiversity conservation. First, the replacement and use of natural raw materials will not compromise biodiversity. Second, the substitution will not induce greater cost to biodiversity, including water, electricity, carbon, life cycle, etc. 


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