Tianjin Hangu Coastal (Binhai) Wetland Wants to Build a National Marine Park | Invited CBCGDF Volunteers to Discuss Together
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On May 14, 2020, led by the Binhai New Area Ocean Bureau, united with the National Oceanic Information Center and other departments, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) volunteers were invited to attend a consultation meeting on "Tianjin Hangu Coastal Wetland National Marine Natural Park Selection Plan (Draft for Discussion)" .


The meeting was chaired by Zhang Yanbin, deputy director of the Ocean Bureau of Binhai New Area. Zhang first fully recognized the outstanding contribution of social supervisors of wildlife protection to the work of sea area management, and on behalf of the Ocean District Bureau of the New Area, he expressed his enthusiasm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the five experts and Director Yang Yi to guide the work in the busy schedule.


Afterwards, Su Junhui, the deputy director of the Ocean Bureau of Binhai New Area, reported on the "Draft for Discussion" of “Tianjin Hangu Coastal Wetland National Marine Natural Park”. Yang YI, deputy director of the Marine Ecological Environment Department of the National Ocean Information Center, provided supplementary explanations around the discussion draft.


The tidal flat wetlands of the Bohai Sea are important stop stations for many migratory birds. Due to historical reasons, the area of coastal flats in Tianjin has decreased significantly, from about 530 square kilometers in 2000 to less than 120 square kilometers. The tidal flat area in Hangu accounts for 52% of all existing tidal flat area in Tianjin, about 62 square kilometers. Therefore, the protection of Hangu Wetland is even more important, which is for the benefit of future generations.


Several social supervisors of the wildlife protection work in Binhai New Area separately put forward opinions on the discussion draft. The invited volunteers fully affirmed the remarkable achievements made by New Area's marine management functional departments in sea area governance, marine ecological red line supervision, marine environmental protection and wildlife protection. They expressed their basic agreement with the "Tianjin Hangu Coastal Wetland National Marine Natural Park Selection Plan (Draft for Discussion)" and made six comments.


1. Further strengthen the supervision of the marine ecological red line. In particular, strengthen the supervision of shorebirds, natural shorelines on which relict gulls rely on foraging and breeding, and muddy beaches, and clear prohibited fishing gear and net gear located on natural shorelines and muddy beaches. Crack down on the illegal digging of clams that severely damage the benthic ecological environment, and the fishing of oyster reef groups in the marine special protection zone. However, a one-size-fits-all comprehensive policy prohibiting fishing is also unreasonable. It is best to selectively prohibit fishing, and fishing practices or methods that damage the ecological environment should be prohibited.


2. Further improve practical measures to promote the harmonious integration of ecological protection and the needs of the people. On the one hand, the restoration of the natural attributes of part of the coastline will give birds more safe and quiet habitat; on the other hand, through reasonable planning, the public will be closer to the ocean and the natural ecological environment close to the sea will be created.


3. Further promote the establishment of relevant laws. In particular, provide legal support to law enforcement agencies that are currently unable to rely on.


4. It is recommended that the important habitats of shorebirds and relict gulls, as well as the area where the oyster reef is located, must be included in the marine natural park.


5. It is recommended to absorb the ideas of the construction and management of foreign natural parks, carry out scientific monitoring, and establish a time-limiting and orderly sea-friendly system for the marine natural park.


6. It is recommended to involve private groups and fishermen in the management of marine natural parks, leisure and fisheries, and marine ecological restoration.


Deputy Director Zhang thanked the volunteers for their suggestions in his summary and believed that everyone can keep closely up with the marine environmental protection work and wildlife protection work of Binhai New Area and do a good job for the next step. The modification and improvement of the “Tianjin Hangu Coastal Wetland National Marine Natural Park Selection Plan” provides a broad idea and has a strong guiding significance for the future work of the Ocean Bureau. He also said that next, the Ocean Bureau will further unify its thoughts and actions on the scientific conclusion that “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, and fully recognize the importance and urgency of protecting the marine ecological environment. To highlight key points, innovative methods, and strengthen measures, lead comprehensively with key points, promote overall with key points, increase inspection and crackdown efforts, and promote the orderly development of marine environmental protection and wildlife protection.


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