Each Seed Will Be Merged into a Forest, and the 0.1 Version Map of China Nature Education Will Be Released For The First Time | Co-hosted by CBCGDF
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How to establish a better link with nature? Especially for teenagers. In the past ten years, natural education has gradually risen in China. Different pioneers are actively exploring different regions and fields.


The good news is: on May 20th, the day of the 8th solar term - “Lesser Fullness of Grain”, the pioneers and explorers from all over the country will gather together through the “China Online Summit on Natural Education and the 2nd China Summit on Science Popularization Education Development” (hereinafter referred to as the 2nd China Nature Education Summit) to share their theoretical research and practical experience of accumulating nearly ten years’ contributions, and the 0.1 version of China’s nature education map will be released for the first time.


The 2nd China Nature Education Summit is jointly sponsored by Natural Education Center, International Ecological Community Network, and China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), with the Chinese Society of Forestry as the guiding unit. Due to the impact of this year's epidemic, the summit decided to be held as an online summit. "The exploration of natural education in our country started relatively early, but early everyone scattered in different institutions from theory and practice of exploration and accumulation, industry practitioners are very hoping to be able to form in the depth of theoretical research and practice, practice area, natural education psychology, and concrete exploration case for sharing and collision, to contribute to the common voice of the whole industry and common progress." This is also the original intention of holding the natural education forum again this year.


"Our country attaches great importance to the construction of ecological civilization, which is totally different from the previous industrial civilization period. It contains a very rich content, which can be said to be the complete transformation of human social production and life form. Natural education is a new way of experiential education involving teenagers and even all people. Today, the efforts of all institutions or individuals engaged in natural education at the level of scientific research and practice are of great value. Their efforts are like seed after seed, and they are all actively seeking ways for the better harmonious coexistence between humans and nature." Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary-General of CBCGDF, hopes that the 2nd China Nature Education Summit will bring together more pioneers engaged in natural education, further promote the integration of scientific research and practice in this field, promote the conscientization and popularization of natural education, and enable more people and the earth's ecology to benefit at the same time in the future.


According to the organizers, the online summit has been highly valued by the industry. Since the announcement of the summit, nearly 30 experts, scholars, and frontline explorers from the field of natural education have applied for it. The contents shared by the guests involved biodiversity conservation, rare and endangered species protection, forest natural education, innovation and sustainable development of natural education in the post epidemic era, how to train natural education teachers in urban kindergartens, and how to find nature in cities. Due to a large number of participants, the original one-day Nature Education Summit decided to extend one day. The first day's guest sharing and content mainly focused on industry experts, scholars, and industry promoters; the second day's guest sharing and content mainly focused on the frontline practitioners engaged in natural education and exploration; on the third day, China Ecological Community Network Summit was specially held.


“In the past ten years, what are the important stages of development of natural education in China, what are the important schools and their core views, who have been influenced, and in which areas the seeds of natural education have been sown? These are all worth combing.” According to the organizer of the China Natural Education Summit, Natural Education Center will, with the strong support of CBCGDF, launch the preparation of China Natural Education Innovation Research Association and launch China Natural Education Innovation Network. This summit will officially release version 0.1 of China’s Natural Education Map, “White Paper Plan of Natural Education” and research projects of ecological communities. We are looking forward to more partners who are going in the same direction and exploring natural education!






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