Prepare for 99 Public Welfare Day, CBCGDF Tencent Project Financial Disclosure Have Reached 90%, Everything Is Ready
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At the beginning of May, after receiving the notification of Tencent Public Welfare's "Project Transparency Construction", the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green  Development Foundation(CBCGDF) and the Internet Fundraising Office worked together to improve this work, checking the project one after another, making multiple negotiations with finance and NPO, and preparing various materials. The three months of intensive financial disclosure work has finally come to an end. Tencent CBCGDF Platform has 243 self-owned projects and claimed projects. 90% of the financial disclosure was uploaded before August 4, and it has been approved by Tencent. The annual declaration and annual report of 2018 have been scanned and uploaded, which meets the admission requirements of Tencent 99 Public Welfare Day in 2018. The CBCGDF participated in 41 projects on Public 99 Welfare Day in 2018. As of August 12, this year, 30 public welfare projects have been declared.


All public welfare projects of the CBCGDF have been reported on the “Charity in China” Public Information Website of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China. According to the requirements of the new Charity Law, the CBCGDF has actively completed the information disclosure of Tencent's fund-raising project, disclosed the project's fund-raising situation, the progress of the use of funds and the implementation of the project to donors comprehensively, timely and accurately, and helped donors to better understand where, how and the effect of the donation by means of the network platform.


This year, Tencent Foundation will continue to donate 299.99 million yuan, 99.99 million yuan on September 7, 100 million yuan on September 8 and 100 million yuan on September 9, starting at 9:00 a.m. Among them, September 7 contains 90 million unrestricted allotments for all 99 fund-raising projects. If the public fundraising amount and the number of donors reach the target, corresponding unrestricted allotments can be obtained. Besides, there are 10 million unrestricted allotments for public organizations. According to the ranking of public fund-raising, No.1 to No.60 can get different amounts of unrestricted allotments. Besides, there is enterprise donation, each donation is not less than 1 yuan, can get 1: n of the allocation (n decided by the enterprise, the maximum is not more than 10), each enterprise single allocation up to 9999 yuan. The results of the donation are shown on the Webpage in real-time. 99 Public Welfare Day, let love double, we are all ready, are you ready? 


Note: This data is only up to 11:00 on August 12, 2019. The number of projects will continue to increase which reported on “Charity in China” Public Information Website of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China, and the financial disclosure information of various projects will be uploaded to “Charity in China” one after another.

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