CBCGDF Pangolin Girl Conducted a Field Investigation on Chinese pangolin’s Habitat in Huicheng District
2019/7/18 13:17:00 本站

At 1 am of May 22, Mr. Wu, a builder of 54 years old, found a Chinese pangolin in his room. It is the first time for Wu who lives in Huicheng District to see pangolin with his own eyes. He guessed the pangolin was lost so that it stumbled into his room by accident. Wu called the police at dawn and released this female pangolin into the wild with the assistance of local wildlife conservation station in the morning of May 23. Pangolin Girl learns that a construction project of granite exploitation with annual production of 200,000 stere will be carried out near the habitat of Chinese pangolin. According to the environment influence assessment, each blasting consumes 2.4 tons of explosive with 6,750 stere blasted ore in volume, and it’s expected about 30 explosions annually.  


In the Year of Justification for Pangolins, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) has appealed multiple local governments and organizations to strengthen pangolin conservation. In June, CBCGDF announced that Chinese pangolin is functionally extinct in mainland China according to research and investigation. We will pay close attention to the progress.



(Photo credit: Ai Bei police station)





(Photo credit: Xu Bin, please indicate the source.)

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By / Wang Yanqing