Love Without Borders, Fluttering Wings to the Far – “China Bird King" Ai Yakang and CBCGDF Signing Ceremony was Held, CBCGDF Bird Diversity Conservation Research Institute Was Established
2019/7/14 18:48:00 本站

On July 12th, the signing ceremony of the “China Bird King” Ai Yakang and China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) jointly to establish the Bird Diversity Conservation Research Institute was held in Beijing. CBCGDF Secretary-General Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, Deputy Secretary-General Xiao Qing, and China Bird King, Chairman of Sichuan Wan Niao Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Mr. Ai Yakang attended the signing ceremony.


With the establishment of the institute, the first batch of 500,000 yuan donated by Bird King Ai Yakang will be used in the field of global bird diversity conservation research, including the protection, governance, research, and related science popularization of the natural environment on bird habitats, protected areas and bird watching sites. The two sides worked together to promote the conservation of bird diversity and the love of birds of the "China Bird King" to the world.


Dr. Zhou Jinfeng said at the signing ceremony that the establishment of the CBCGDF Bird Diversity Conservation Research Institute is of great significance. This is another in-depth and professional project of CBCGDF in the biodiversity conservation, marking CBCGDF’s level of conservation has taken another step, and this project has been supported by professional bird lovers such as Ai Yakang and his team. It is believed that in the near future, China’s birds caring, bird’s conservation and biodiversity conservation will surely flourish and the “China Bird King” will become the “World Bird King”.


“China Bird King” Ai Yakang said that as one of the Yi minority nationality people came out from the Daliangshan area, he had a natural love for nature and all creatures in nature since he was a kid. And birds are one of his favorites. It is his goal to protect natures, hopes to do something meaningful through physical action, calling on people to love birds and protect birds, love nature and protect the ecology.


It is reported that as early as June of this year, CBCGDF received a donation of 500,000 yuan. The other party did not leave a name and contact information. The only requirement is to use this donation for bird conservation. This matter was highly valued by the CBCGDF leaders. After trying hard to find out, people finally learned that the donor was Ai Yakang and learned that he is an entrepreneur who has been dedicated to bird protection for decades. In order to jointly promote the further development of the bird protection cause, the two sides jointly launched the “Yakang International Bird Love Project” and held the launching ceremony of the “Ai Yakang World Bird Dayl” charity event in mid-June, marking the project’s formal going international.


The establishment of this institute is a further extension of CBCGDF's international bird-watching activities for many years. It is the further development of endangered species conservation areas (CCAfa) sites such as China Conservation Area for Relic Gulls at Tianjin, China Conservation Area for Sand Martin at Henan, as well as China Conservation Areas for Great Bustard at Changyuan and other places. In the future, this Institute will continue to work with the professional, rigorous attitude and the concept of bird protection, and work together with the “China Bird King” Ai Yakang and his team to build a harmonious ecosystem of human and bird, and jointly promote the construction of ecological civilization, to realize sustainable development.



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By / Niu Jingmei