CBCGDF Representative Attended the Preparatory Meeting for IUCN WCC 2020
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On 11 June 2020, the opening of the IUCN World Conservation Congress (WCC) 2020, the world’s largest and most inclusive environmental event that will drive global action towards a more sustainable future, will take place in Marseille. There will be over 500 forums, excellent exhibitions, and member’s assemblies with the participation of experts, and delegated of social organizations and governments around the world. In order to secure a successful congress, IUCN China held the preparatory meeting for the upcoming 2020 IUCN WCC on July 8th. As the IUCN member organization, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) sent the delegate to attend the meeting.


The participants are as follows:


Prof. Ma Keping, Regional Councillor of IUCN ARMS and Secretary-General for both the Biodiversity Committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese National Committee of Diversitas.


Dr. Zhu Chunquan, IUCN Representative of China


Delegates from IUCN China, Friend of Nature, Chinese Society of Forestry, Tianhe Charity Foundation, China Green Carbon Foundation, China Wild Plant Conservation Association, All-China Environment Federation, and other Chinese IUCN member organizations. At the meeting, Prof. Ma Keping and Dr. Zhu Chunquan introduced the agenda of the approaching IUCN Regional Conservation Forum which will be held in November in Pakistan and the requirement of applying forum and submitting a motion for WCC and collected member organizations’ suggestion on the IUCN Programme 2021-2024 (Draft for consultation).


IUCN, the largest and most diverse environmental network, set up a branch in China in 2012. IUCN WCC is held every four years. The five Programme Areas for 2021-2024 are healthy lands and waters, healthy oceans, climate change mitigation, and adaption, equitable governance of natural resources, and enablers. the 2020 IUCN WCC will not only aim to lay a solid foundation for the CBD COP15 in Kunming but also clarify the role of nature in 2030 sustainable development goals.


Prof. Ma and Dr. Zhu advocate all Chinese IUCN member organizations to take full advantage of membership rights to voice suggestions. As a member organization of IUCN, CBCGDF has been committed to biodiversity conservation and protected area conservation with the focus on endangered wildlife like the pangolin, spotted seal, bluefin tuna and yellow-breasted bunting. By the end of June, 123 CCAfas have been established combining joint efforts of governments, scientific research institutions, social organizations, and volunteers so as to mobilize the whole society to engage in ecological protection. Moreover, CBCGDF has mainstreamed biodiversity conservation among the young generation. The youth is the main force for sustainable development. Great Youth, CBCGDF’s volunteer group made up of students, attracts an increasing number of teenagers to join us. CBCGDF is applying two forums at 2020 IUCN WCC, respectively focusing on landscape conservation and youth’s participation in biodiversity conservation. The delegate discussed the possible motions with others at the meeting. Now, CBCGDF is actively preparing for the IUCN WCC2020.


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(Photo source: iucncongress2020.org)

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By / Wang Yanqing