CBCGDF Held a Working Meeting on Deploying Related Work Around The China Conservation Area for Libellula Angelina at Tianjin
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At noon on June 20th, Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, the Secretary-General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) convened a working meeting on the current issues faced by the CBCGDF China Conservation Area for Libellula Angelina at Tianjin (CCAfa). He proposed working arrangements for tackling the potential ecological crisis and related processing. Dr. Zhou pointed out that the protection of Libellula Angelina (Scientific Name: Libellula angelina Selys) actually has an important significance related to the construction of ecological civilization. If it is handled well, it will undoubtedly become an ecological solution to the ecological dilemma that Libellula Angelina is currently facing. It will also become an important highlight and typical cases of civilized city construction.


Dr. Zhou pointed out that the staff members of CBCGDF shall immediately rush to Tianjin to discover the scene of Libellula Angelina. The purpose is to directly dialogue with relevant parties to ensure the effective and steady advancement of all work; To relentlessly visit the site to the front line, taking photos of the scene, sorting out the problems encountered and ensure that the work is carried out effectively and steadily; To promote the development of the advocacy; To write relevant papers, promoting the typical model of ecological civilization construction, and establishing standard cases. It is necessary to build CBCGDF CCAfa successfully and build a typical case of ecological civilization, so that the construction of ecological civilization in the country can be inspired. It is necessary to promote change and make this thing a paradigm for everyone to inspire and guide the improvement of related work in the city.


In the construction of the city, there will almost be a similar problem, that is, the conflict between development and construction and protection of nature; how to combine protection with construction and protect nature and wilderness while building artificial environment? It’s just like the pangolins, as the development of the transformation of urban waters, Libellula Angelina is becoming less and less, this species’ survival is facing serious threats."


Preliminary work proposals and arrangements include:


1. Do not modify the living habitat and surrounding ecology of Libellula Angelina;

2. The dark nets in the pond are a serious threat to the suravival of Libellula Angelina, and these dark nets must be salvaged and removed;

3. It is necessary to promote relevant departments to establish a long-term mechanism and delineate the ecological red line;


4. CBCGDF’s relevant staff members shall also become experts on Libellula Angelina, able to assess Libellula Angelina's diet, hobbies, protection and habitat issues, and to organize relevant research into papers.






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By / Niu Jingmei