The 22nd Question to Guangxi Forestry Department: The Answer is Still Ambiguous. Does Pangolins’ Wild Release Not Follow the Law and Science?
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In early June, the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) learned that Guangxi forestry development released a male pangolin, which was handed over from Hechi in late May this year. In this regard, the CBCGDF would like to express its approval. But just over two months ago, it was also the Guangxi Forestry Department and the living pangolin of China. However, it was said that it could not be wild released, but how could it be done this time? It's confusing.


We still remember that on January 30 this year, the State Forestry and Grassland Administration of China invited the CBCGDF to participate in the conference with the forestry departments of nine southern provinces on the protection of pangolins. The forestry departments of Guangxi took the initiative to release two pangolins. Subsequently, the Pangolin Working Group of the CBCGDF was invited to visit Guangxi to explore alternative habitats for wild release with experts invited by other forestry departments in Guangxi. In March, the Guangxi Forestry Department also prepared an expert demonstration meeting for the two Chinese pangolins to be released. Since then, experts at the meeting concluded that: the number of releasing two pangolins is too few. It cannot promote the recovery of the wild population, and the tracker is not appropriate, it's too heavy. The risk of being hunted is great after wild release.


In early June, this pangolin "Hechi" was released in the wild. What procedures were adopted before it was released? Is there an expert demonstration meeting? Which experts are invited to participate? If there is no expert meeting, then why do we need to hold an expert demonstration meeting in March for the wild release of pangolin "Guihua 1, Guihua 2"? How did the conclusion of the last expert meeting go against it? Is there any right or wrong in an expert's opinion? Are there any attitudes that respect science?


Is it possible that this pangolin "Hechi" was smuggled and then rescued? If it is smuggled, does it need to be quarantined? Has it passed the quarantine period? Has the description of the relevant quarantine issues been made public?


Are there any organizations that safeguard public environmental interests invited to participate? Is there any wild training before the wild release?


If the Guangxi Forestry Department thinks it is a local pangolin, then we have found so many Malay pangolins. what basis does the Guangxi Forestry Department determine that it is not a local pangolin?


In addition, in the protection of pangolins, the CBCGDF also found that it was interesting to compare the number of Malay pangolins found in various provinces in China with the number of Chinese pangolins found in China, that is, most of them were Malay pangolins and a few were Chinese pangolins, which coincided with the proportion of two kinds of pangolins smuggled abroad. For example, in Vietnam, there is also the distribution of Chinese pangolins, which may also be smuggled into Guangxi.

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