Survival Rate Of 75% | Three Out Of Four Pangolins Are Alive After Being Rescued by CBCGDF In Guangzhou
2019/5/28 15:27:00 本站

The three pangolins, “no move”, “last night”, and “always sleep”, were from the special campaign for combatting endangered species smugglings co-conducted by the Anti-smuggling Bureaus of General Administration of Customs and Guangdong Provincial Customs on March 23 and are still alive due to the careful rescue. 103 living pangolins were confiscated, and some of them were sent to Guangxi provincial wildlife rescue 


During the past two months, CBCGDF has rescued 4 pangolins, 3 of with are alive and in good condition.


Before Sophia, Pangolin Girl from CBCGDF participated in the pangolin rescue, there were 4 living pangolins in the center (the pangolin named "snore" was dead before CBCGDF rescued). The pangolin "Xiao Mao” was dead during the malfunction of monitoring aids, so Sophia failed to know what happened then.


Now, “no move”, “last night”, and “always sleep” are healthy, and transferred from Guangxi wildlife rescue center to CBCGDF’s rescue and rehabilitation center in Guangzhou for further wild release.


Unfortunately, a great many confiscated pangolins were dead in two months. CBCGDF has sued Guangxi wildlife rescue center for its malpractice causing the death of 32 pangolins.

(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

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By / Wang Yanqing