The First Field Release and Rehabilitation Training of the Second Phase is Difficult | The Third Time Field Training for “No Move”
2019/5/26 17:39:00 本站

At 6 o'clock on the evening of May 21, "No Move" came out of the cage - this is the third time of field training for it. It sounds loud from the lungs and sounds like it was whispering. It first circled around the cage, then ate a little food and began to urinate, then drilled into the stone hole. The food and water were placed in the hole - the CBCGDF "Pangolin Girl" was sitting there waiting. After two hours, “No Move” moved the food, leaving only a small tail to be seen at the hole. After a quarter of an hour, it finally couldn’t help itself, came out to eat, and then climbed down to the wall, happy to play until 8:30 in the evening. The staff of CBCGDF's Guangzhou Pangolin Rescue and Field Rehabilitation Center sent it back to the cage. It was still climbing the circle and then starting to poop. After more than ten minutes, it began to climb the net of the cage, which was the first time the "Pangolin Girl" saw it.

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By / Niu Jingmei