Pangolin protection cooperation among NGOs still continued | CBCGDF and Pangolin Conservation Guild of Nigeria held a teleconference
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On the afternoon of May 10th, the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) held a teleconference with Professor Olajumoke Morenikeji, Pangolin Conservation Working Group Nigeria, Pangolin Conservation Guild. Olajumoke Morenikeji is an associate professor of zoology at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. She studies parasitology, ecology, environmental biology, and other fields. She also serves as president of the Pangolin Conservation Guild Nigeria. Since 2016, she has devoted herself to the protection of pangolins. Pangolin Conservation Guild, Nigeria is also known as Pangolin Conservation Working Group, Nigeria (PCWGN) works mainly to ensure that pangolins are protected in Nigeria through research, awareness creation and relevant collaborations. Olajumoke Morenikeji mentioned that the guild is an only non-governmental organization dedicated to pangolin conservation in Nigeria. 


At the meeting, the representative of the CBCGDF first introduced the works of pangolin protection to Professor Olajumoke Morenikeji. Including the volunteer of CBCGDF went to Nigeria to investigate the local consumption of pangolins; cooperate with Nigeria's Ministry of Environment and other government departments and other NGOs; carry out pangolins rescue work in Guangxi, etc. Professor Olajumoke Morenikeji acknowledged the work done by the CBCGDF. Professor Olajumoke Morenikeji also briefed the CBCGDF on her current work in promoting education and publicity on pangolins in Nigeria, mainly for students and Chinese; strengthening communication between relevant departments, such as immigration, environmental and forestry departments, and promoting law enforcement capacity for pangolin protection. She also mentioned that the local community residents are the group of people poaching and killing pangolins. This is due to the relatively weak protection awareness of pangolins and the fact that some families have been hunters for generations. Therefore, the guild has conducted in-depth exchanges and cooperation with hunters. Encourage them to join in the rescue of pangolin protection, from hunters to protectors, while teaching them other parenting skills and knowledge to achieve transformation. Finally, she expressed the hope that in the future, pangolin rescue stations and centers could be set up in Nigeria.


At the meeting, the two sides discussed the future direction of cooperation and reached a good consensus on the protection of pangolins, such as the construction of pangolins rescue network platform, the holding of relevant seminars, and cooperation on the current projects of the CBCGDF on pangolins. The two sides will continue to maintain contact and strengthen cooperation on the protection of pangolins.

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By / Li Xue