The Entanglement of the Pangolins’ Poop-Picker: Is It Supposed to Bring Their Poops to Their New Home? This Is a Scientific Question
2019/5/14 14:22:00 本站

Before seeing the report that African pangolin experts in order to get along better with pangolins, specifically used blankets to let pangolins pee, and then put it on themselves. This will make the pangolins feel the familiar smell and increase their security.


Therefore, the CBCGDF Pangolins Working Group intends to prepare some of the pangolins’ feces to their new home to make them feel more comfortable. But later after did the test of the feces of "Always Sleep", "No Move", "Last Night", found that there were no parasites and parasite eggs in the feces, but there were fungi, bacilli, clostridium, and cocci in the feces, so decided to clean their feces. On May 4th, more than 10 tons of feces was cleared. And the working group also noticed a very interesting phenomenon, pangolins will actively excrete in the basins and the pits they dug - pangolins are very hygienic.

(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

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By / Niu Jingmei