China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) Pangolins International Trade Investigating Volunteer “African Warrior” Live Record from the Frontline in Nigeria (II)
2019/4/21 14:59:00 本站

Every weekend, Chinese people gather in the wildlife market to buy pangolin and other wildlife. Because most people buy pangolins, the number of it is not enough to sell. Then I asked him where the pangolin came from. He said that he also bought pangolin from other people. And he is only a trafficker in the market.


Yesterday, I went to two places. The first place I visited was in the countryside. On the way, I saw the wildlife market when I passed by. There was no much wildlife sold on Monday. But when I went there, I found a local young man selling pangolins. He had sold five pangolins the day before, which he had just brought back yesterday.


After investigating the wildlife market, we went to the countryside. But yesterday we regretted that we did not go to the forest area to photograph how they caught pangolins. He sold us only a pangolin and didn't take us into the forest. It would take two or three hours. When he came to sell me the pangolin, the pangolin has died.


The city is mainly a shipping line. There must be a lot of smuggling of pangolin scales. Our customs have caught a very small part of it. The pangolin scales are very cheap, and profits are quite high. There are some Chinese people who will take the risk of doing this business.


When Chinese buy pangolins, they did not know about the species of pangolin. They are not worried about what kind of pangolin it is. The pangolin is available and cheap here. They think it's good for their health to eat pangolin. When I show this picture of pangolin to the local people in the market, there will be many local people gathering around, someone who want to sell pangolin and its scales. The Chinese take pangolin as a tonic. Others think that the pangolin eaten is more prestigious among friends. The pangolin is very expensive in China, and few people can eat it.










(Photo credit: CBCGDF investigating voluneer "African Warrior")

Translated by Li Xue Modified by / Niu Jingmei