China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) Pangolins International Trade Investigating Volunteer “African Warrior” Live Record from the Frontline in Nigeria (I)
2019/4/21 14:53:00 本站

A few days later, a friend of mine, who works in the countryside and runs a business, will come over and try to take me to see how local people catch pangolins, and then sell them to Chinese.


The police and police cars are just at the gate of the market. So even if the police are at the door, they take no care of the wild animals.


Income can range from 10,000 Yuan per month to as high as millions. Especially for those at the managerial positions at Huawei, their annual income is at least 1 million. Chinese people are rich here.


The tradesman calls me every day and asks me if I want pangolins. In fact, they have pangolins in their hands every day, which they capture and sell to the Chinese, and they are looking for a market. So, in places like Nigeria, pangolins are actually not extinct but in large numbers, and they're being killed every day, dying every day, and Chinese people are eating them every day.


I will definitely go to the first line to take photos and videos. In just a day or two, all the plans are in progress. I’m just waiting for the opportunity.


In Nigeria, I don't feel any protection for wildlife, for pangolins. There is no advertising that encourages people to protect wildlife, to protect pangolins. There are also no reminders from the embassy. No visa reminders, landing ads, or text messages. When you talk to anyone about pangolins, the first response is “do you want to eat them?” “If you want to eat? I will treat you.” That's all too common. People believe that if they eat pangolins, they will be stronger and healthier.


I will go to the forest with my Chinese friend on Monday. It's definitely Monday. It will take me two days to get back because it is a long journey and I have to go to the primeval forest. The pangolin hunter reached by my Chinese friend has scheduled to go to the forest on Monday to catch pangolins. I will take good photos of the process.


Every day, a large number of containers are transported away. There are many types of goods to be declared. In principle, pangolins can be hidden in a mezzanine. In short, I feel, as long as you have the connections and money, nothing is impossible to be shipped out.


The Nigerian says pangolins are bought and sold on Sundays. Because the Chinese are off on Sundays, who would then go to the market to buy pangolins. It's normal to sell 10 pangolins a month, or 200-500 kg of pangolin scales. Pangolin scales are sold to the Chinese, who smuggle them into China.


There are also laws governing wildlife. However, this is only a provision and has not been implemented. The police are not responsible for this, but the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Forest do. But despite this, they don’t do what they are supposed to do. Their time to make money is too precious to allow for other activities.










(Photo credit: CBCGDF investigating voluneer "African Warrior")

Translated by / Lu Lei Modified by / Niu Jingmei