CBCGDF Will Spare no Efforts to Support Pangolin Protection Globally, for Example, in Nigeria
2019/4/10 13:12:00 本站

On 9th April, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) received a supporting email from CBD National Focal Point (NFP), Nigeria in regard to pangolin conservation, after the Department of International Affairs reached out to Global Youth Biodiversity Network (GYBN).


A representative of the NFP responded that the proposal sent to his Hon. Minister is a well thought one and if the proposal can be holistically executed, it will go a long way to save pangolins from extinction. At the consultation meeting held in Addis, he made a similar suggestion to WWF representative.  In the meantime, we were informed that the Ministry is planning a Biodiversity Summit between 20th to 22nd of May (Tentative). And he wishes CBCGDF can send delegates to attend the Summit. He also suggested the proposal can be fine-tuned and be consolidated during the Summit if we come and join.


Chinese traditional medicine is rapidly expanding worldwide, while conservation groups say demand for treatments using animal products is driving a surge in illegal trafficking of wildlife. China’s State Council has outlined a multi-decade plan to promote traditional medicine, including setting up hospitals, museums, medicinal zoos and botanical gardens in countries involved in its Belt and Road infrastructure rollout.


The industry is booming.


Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary-General of CBCGDF, said that sustainability and science should be taken as preconditions for incorporating traditional Chinese medicine into its compendium.


“All medicinal treatment should be on the principle of ‘do no harm’ to those using, or making it and to the species it depends on; meaning in most cases no vertebrate should be used within TCM,” Zhou said, referring to traditional Chinese medicine.


Chinese have an important role in combating illegal pangolin trade at its source. Only when people join, can pangolin have a secured future, if there is any.

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