New month, IWT battle fully on: CBCGDF propose to work on IWT to the Embassy of Nigeria
2019/4/1 19:06:00 本站

As China's leading biodiversity conservation NGO, CBCGDF actively fights illegal wildlife trade (esp. pangolins) via underground and cyber investigations, Environmental Public Interest Litigation, endangered species' black-market surveys, environmental awareness initiatives, scientific research, big data analysis, and international cooperation.


On 1 April, the very beginning of April, CBCGDF sent its proposal on combating illegal wildlife trade to the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in China.


We mainly proposed two activities to jointly work together, although we are of course very open to additional ideas:


1.Promotion on conservation for endangered species such as Pangolins among Chinese, and to call for to stop using pangolin and other endangered species in wildmeat consumption of medicine. For example, CBCGDF proposes that brochures (fully supported by CBCGDF) on Pangolins protection and related law and regulations shall be placed in such places as visa office where Chinese will have to pass by.


2. Provide documents concerning pertinent law and regulation on illegal wildlife trade in Nigeria for CBCGDF. As our volunteer investigating Pangolin consumption in Nigeria sadly finds that the consumption of Pangolins and other endangered species are becoming more and more ubiquitous among Chinese, further study into the local law in Nigeria is becoming necessary for us to educate Chinese going to Nigeria, to support the law enforcement and to protect our volunteer.

By / Cathelina