The Spotted Seal Godson (Gou Sheng 狗剩) Bowed Three Times During Parting, and the Live Videos were Tearful
2019/3/31 19:35:00 本站

Godson (狗剩,a.k.a Gou Sheng) is a lucky spotted seal. It accidentally “missed the direction” on the way of migrating in the sea, but fortunately met the Director of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) China Conservation Area for Waterfowl at Tangshan (CCAfa) Mr. Tian Zhiwei. After more than a month of rescue and feeding, Godson has successfully been released to the Liaodong Bay.


At the time of the separation, Godson turned back frequently and stayed on the coast for a long time. Encouraged by the volunteers on the scene, it bowed to the crowd three times and then steadily swam to the sea.


Four days later, CBCGDF received a message from the volunteers who were on the front-line taking photos, saying that it was very possible to photograph Godson. It was fishing near the large group of spotted seals and was not afraid of the closeness of outsiders. This made everyone worried, and at the same time very happy. Godson seems to have found its family. We like to see Godson close to humans, but also worried that it will be hurt by humans due to the almost zero distance. Whether or not Godson was photographed this time, we sincerely wish it a happy and healthy life.




The major Chinese media forwarded massively the videos about field releasing Godson. (Photo credit: CBCGDF volunteers)

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By / Niu Jingmei