CBCGDF applies to Hunan Forestry for publicity of pangolin rescue, scientific research, and other related information and looks forward to an early reply
2019/3/10 15:51:00 本站

On March 5, the CBCGDF officially submitted a public application for relevant information to Hunan Forestry Bureau. The specific contents as below:


The source, species, and quantity of pangolin sheltered and rescued by Hunan Forestry Bureau;


Survival of rescued pangolins and treatment of scales;


The research achievements of pangolin in terms of wound rescue, feeding, disease prevention, and treatment were carried out.


The name of domestic scientific research institutes that collaborate on DNA molecular marker sequencing of pangolins and the agreement to cooperate with them.


The CBCGDF hopes that Hunan Forestry Bureau will give timely support and reply in order to lay a good foundation for pangolin rescue and scientific research.

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By / Li Xue