In order to establish a near-nature park, CBCGDF and the Yinyang Music Festival Team visited the Yantuo Park in Tianjin
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On January 25th, in order to establish a near-nature park in Tianjin, the CBCGDF representatives and the founder of the Yinyang Music Festival Team went to Tianjin to inspect Yantuo Park. These Dutch experts curiously asked on the way: "why are these trees wearing white socks?"


The CBCGDF representatives explained, "these white socks are actually used to protect the trees from pests. The white part can reflect part of the sunlight back and reduce the trunk from absorbing sunlight. The temperature difference between day and night can be reduced and the trunk can be prevented from being frostbitten or cracked in this way. These trees are not native plants. Native plants don't wither so easily, they're much more resistant to the temperature difference.


During the investigation, they had a friendly talk with the government leaders of Hebei District in Tianjin.


The government leaders have expressed strong support for the plan. They mentioned, after President Xi put forward the concept of "eco-civilization", governments and enterprises around the country were now working very hard to implement these concepts.


The foreign guests introduced that there was no concept of eco-music in the Netherlands five years ago. But now, ecology has become a hot idea. They have started to focus on the combination of ecology and music festival, making it a fashion and an important part of the circular economy. And now the government also strongly support this form to promote eco-civilization.


They also want to promote eco-music in China now. They have to adapt it to the national conditions and carry out the eco-music festival with Chinese characteristics.


After the meeting, the team interviewed local people. They learned that the elderly usually danced and sang in the square, which were the mainly activities here.


Finally, the members talked about some of the factors that affect it. Tianjin is a city near the sea. How to solve the problem of soil salinity and wetness for cultivation? The team discussed the solution in depth.


In terms of publicity, CBCGDF members especially mentioned that there were many colleges and universities involved in its affiliated institution, Green University, which carried out activities with teenagers as the main body. In the future, similar publicity and education activities in Tianjin park are expected to be undertaken by Green University.







(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

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