Pangolin Confiscation Disclosure| CBCGDF Receives the Reply from HK Customs
2018/12/5 11:29:00 本站

Recently, CBCGDF received the replies about the disclosure on the 17.1 tons of pangolin scales the customs of China’s Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) confiscated. The HK Customs replied with the disclosure information of the pangolin scales confiscated on May 2017, March 2018 and July 2018. However, the HK Customs has not yet replied to CBCGDF about the species they confiscated.


During 2017 to 2018, Hong Kong Customs has confiscated 17.73 tons of pangolin scales. On March 7 2018, the Hong Kong Customs seized about 2800 kilograms of suspected pangolin scales with an estimated market value of about $3.3 million from a container at the Tsing Yi Cargo Examination Compound. On May 15 2018, they seized 630 kg of pangolin scales in container from Indonesia. On July 20th this year, they seized about 7,100kg of suspected pangolin scales in a container from Nigeria. The haul is estimated to be worth about HK$ 3.55 million (about $450,000).


Pangolins, known as scaly anteater found in Africa and Asia, but also known as the most trafficked mammal whose populations have plummeted in recent years in the world claimed by wildlife experts. However, mainly in China and Vietnam, Pangolins are more famous as their meat and scales widely used in traditional medicine and considered a delicacy, causing a million pangolins been illegally plucked from the wild during the last decade to satisfy the demand.


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