Pangolin trafficking in Guangxi is more severe than Trading in Tiger Bones and Rhino Horns
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Recently, in the "Notice on Strictly Controlling the Operation and Utilization of Rhinoceros and Tigers and Related Products," the expression” prohibition of use" in 1993 has been altered into "strictly regulated." which aroused widespread concern from people at home and abroad. The China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation(CBCGDF) is also pleased to see that the new regulations will be reconsidered with great attention and the implementation of the relevant implementation rules will delayed for improvement .


In fact, the criticality of rescuing pangolins in Guangxi is no less important than the problem of tiger bones and rhinoceros horns. Sooner or later, it will attract the attention of the whole society and the whole world.

There are many so called pangolin farms in China, but there is no evidence that they have actually achieved commercial reproduction. On the contrary, almost all the evidence now indicates that these so-called farms are only the center of the pangolin smuggling. This includes the Wildlife Rescue Center under the Department of Forestry of Guanxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to transport live pangolins to the farm in the name of "domestic reproduction". There is no such cases of successful domestication and propagation of pangolins in any farm. The ambulance center also lacks information disclosure and statistical management for these exported and recovered pangolins.


The dead pangolins were burned, the living ones transported to the so called farms or eaten. That is the state of pangolin conservation. This problem is particularly acute in the Guangxi region where pangolin smuggling trade is frequent and serious.


CBCGDF has already filed administrative litigation and environmental public interest litigation against Guangxi Forestry on the above issues. We sincerely hope that the relevant parties can pay attention to and solve this problem early, and don't wait for the problem to see the seriousness of the problem after fermentation.


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