CBCGDF awards Forestry Public Security of Malipo Country silk banner for rescuing and releasing manis javanica pangolin
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On Saturday, November 11, Sophia, head of CBCGDF pangolin protection group took the earliest bus, leaving for Malipo Country from Wenshan City, Yunan Province. On July 16, 2018, border police of Malipo Police Station, cooperating with the local frontier inspection station seized a male living manis javanica, which was 80 centimeters in length and weighed 7 kilograms, and later released it back to the nature. Knowing this, Sophia came all the way to Malipo County to award the local Forestry Public Security the silk banner for their effort.


On hearing that the CBCGDF representative had come a long way to Malipo County, staff of the Malipo Forestry Public Security gave up their rest on the weekend in order to cooperate with CBCGDF. Director Wu of the Forestry Public Security attended the simple award ceremony.


Sophia decided to come along with the director of the Forestry Public Security and Officer Shen who engaged in releasing the creature, to the riverside in the suburb of Tianbao Town surrounded by mountains where the pangolin was released.


On their way back, the police told the representative that the local climate changes sharply and variably from place to place. The Special climate represents a vertical three-dimensional type, which the mountain sees a very relatively low temperature on the top, mild temperature in the middle and relatively high temperature at the bottom. Rain often comes before prediction, and the mountain road is very steep. As they passed the old battle field, Sophia was told that it was planned to be transformed into a State-level 4A Scenic Spot.


As they reached the spot where the pangolin was released, Officer Shen explained that the place less than 3 kilometers far from Vietnam ever located an abandoned hydropower station. In recent years, however, the locals have seldom come to this place as an increasing number of snakes are found here. Besides, as here grows a large quantity of reeds, pangolins’ food, namely ants, can be guaranteed. That’s why the pangolin was released here. “At an altitude of 370 meters, the place enjoys a relatively mild temperature. If the pangolin had been released somewhere with a higher altitude, the cold temperature would challenge the pangolin’s existence”, Officer Shen added.


According to other policemen of Malipo Forestry Public Security who came along, they had all seen pangolins in their childhood, yet the familiar creatures have become very rare to be seen in recent years. The police pointed out the fact that the medical value of pangolins’ scales has been overstated. Fortunately, public awareness has been largely enhanced as regulations of wildlife protection, relevant promotion and the development of network have boosted. And people always turned to the police whenever they see or catch a rare wild animal. The police said that even they sometimes have to burden great pressure from work as related cases has increased in number, but they are still very happy to see this change. “There have been less and less people eating pangolins amidst the improvement in their livelihood”, said the police.


After knowing the situation, Sophia also suggested the local police that trackers could be installed on pangolins as the pangolins’ situations after being released can be handled in time. It would also be a valuable reference for them to be released next time. Sophia mentioned that CBCGDF would be pleased to offer relevant educational activities, promotion materials and other professional supports.


CBCGDF appreciated Malipo Forestry Public Security’s cooperation and is looking forward to more relevant exchanges and collaboration regarding pangolin protection. In the afternoon, Sophia continued her trip. Her next stop is Qiubei County, Wenshan Prefecture where another pangolin-related case is waiting for her.



After the ceremony, Sophia checked the full video that recorded how the pangolin was found, rescued and released during breakfast time.




(Video: CBCGDF)




The pangolin’s condition was explained in Tianbao Police Station subordinated to the Forestry Public Security of Malipo County, which is the nearest to Tianbao riverpot

(Photo: CBCGDF)

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