In Search of Great Bustard in the New Year (Series Four) - CBCGDF Calls on All Sectors in China to Pay Attention to the Burning Issues
2018/1/16 16:37:00 本站

On 13th, January, during the event of “In Search of Great Bustard in the New Year”, one of CBCGDF's CCAfa director Tian Zhiwei, patrolled all through the day about 276km from morning till 5pm in the evening in search of great bustard but unfortunately he found no sign of great bustard, but during his patrol, he found more than 100 cranes and more than 100 red ducks, some gulls, and some ordinary mergansers. However, during the day’s patrol, the problem found was “local burnings”. The local burning is one of the causes of the smog situation. Crops are affected, and some grain seeds have also been damaged in the process.

In the process of searching great bustard, Mr. Tian also carried out some monitoring and analysis of the local environment, including the environmental problems in the surrounding areas. Such as farmland burning, man-made disturbance to birds and other wildlife has resulted in a lot of dangerous factors such as pollutions, some other pollution were observed to be caused by non standard marine aquaculture in the region. He said that the main purpose of his survey was to find out the different environmental problems in different regions.

This period of time in Tangshan, Hebei Province, the phenomenon of burning waste is a thing of great concern, and it generally occurs after the government department are off duty. Recently, there is a village by the side of a steel mills, people going to work around that location usually park their cars there, six cars parked in that region were burnt down as a result of the burning fire from that region. Sometime ago in a nearby town, a repair shop was also destroyed by fire. And recently, six cars parked in a residential area parking lot was destroyed by a spontaneous waste burning fire formed by the locals. Burning brings a lot of economic and environmental problems, the recent  statistics on the direct economic loss caused by fire is more than 1 million yuan.

Our colleagues from CBCGDF are very concerned about the burning problem described by Mr. Tian. First of all, we’d like to thanks Mr. Tian for showing his compassionate love for great bustard and his high concern for environmental issues is also admirable. In addition to the devastating effects on the air quality in north China (the formation of smog and haze), the phenomenon of burning waste is also known to bring great threats to the life of wild animals and plants and cause many life and property safety issues. This is an area all sectors of society should pay close attention to.


(The day's search route)

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(burnt cars)

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(blazing flames)

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(rolling smoke)

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(Scenes after Burning)