In Search of Great Bustard in the New Year (series three)
2018/1/3 16:18:00 本站

International birdwatching organizations responded to CBCGDF that they are willingly to participate in the “In Search of Great Bustard in the New Year” event.

They are the heads of @BirdingBeijing and @ShanghaiBirding, two English men from the U.K. Terry, the head of Beijing's Birdwatching, said he and his team of volunteers will release information on the, including great bustards’ observation records. Craig, the head of Shanghai Birding, said he will contribute his expertise and skills to help core regional volunteers identify and record great bustards’ activities in a scientific way. The two friends who live in China have further agreed to release relevant information of CBCGDF in their respective social medias, so that CBCGDF’s awareness of the protection of endangered birds will be more efficiently and more internationally informed.

In addition, CBCGDF wish international birdwatching organizations would actively participate in the observation and data exchanging, CBCGDF will compile reports on great bustards’ survival population and space status in China based on the contribution of the data.