In Search of Great Bustard in the New Year (Series Two)
2018/1/3 15:31:00 本站

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This true story originated in December, CBCGDF’s great bustard protection network inspector Mr. Wang Yongchang actively prepared to contact volunteers in a place where this specie of bird is reportedly active in Shaanxi province, while preparing the campaign “In Search of a Great Bustard in the New Year” launched by CBCGDF. On December 25, the local volunteers found this overwintering wounded great bustard flew to there. It was sent to the local relief station immediately. It was bandaged and was placed under observation. On New Year’s Day, this great bustard was saved, in the excitement, it’s considered to carry a technology tracker, for it more understanding and long-term monitoring, to pay attention to its future fate. Ultimately CBCGDF contacted Mr. Tian, the expert from the Chinese Waterfowl Protection in Tangshan, who is willingly to go to Shaanxi to wear the tracker for the great bustard on the scene. On the morning of New Year's Day, a local volunteer's child was ill, but he set off to visit the bustard. Know that the situation is not very good, CBCGDF convened an expert teleconference on the afternoon of January 2 to understand real-time situation, put forward relevant countermeasures and opinions. If the rescue of this bustard is successful, it will wear a tracker after it was released. Nine of the wild birds that have been rescued locally are wearing rescue trackers.