The Third CBCGDF Low Carbon Workshop - Xinjiang Tianshan Bamboo Willow Ecological Technology Development Co., Ltd was Established!
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Recently, the third low carbon workshop of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) was established. Xinjiang Tianshan Bamboo Willow Ecological Technology Development Co., Ltd is the third CBCGDF “low carbon workshop” with Number LCW-003. Before that, the company has been engaged with CBCGDF, and reach a common ground on jointly building a low carbon workshop.


Source: Working Group of CBCGDF “Low Carbon Workshop”


Low Carbon Workshop (LCW) is a specific case model in carbon reduction and development of CBCGDF, which was officially established on June 21, 2022. The mission is: in order to help achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals and promote sustainable development, the low carbon workshop is established to form a series of specific carbon reduction models by means of such active measures as technology, methods and innovation, to effectively reduce carbon emission and achieve the UN sustainable development goals. As a green development demonstration, the Low Carbon Workshop encourages widespread participation in all sectors of society, to share good stories of China’s green development with the world.


Xinjiang Tianshan Bamboo Willow Ecological Technology Development Co., Ltd

The company mainly deals in biotechnology promotion services, agricultural technology promotion services, agricultural and livestock products purchase, agricultural investment, tree planting, garden greening, and processing and sales of agricultural and livestock products, and food.

Over the years, the company has insisted on promoting traditional industries with high and new technology, actively cooperated with domestic colleges and scientific research institutes such as Xinjiang Forestry Academy of Sciences and Xinjiang Agricultural University, and selected and bred a new variety of bamboo willows - Tianshan Bamboo Willow No. 1, which has been planted in Tianshan Bamboo Willow No. 1 Bases of Aksu, Tuokexun, Fukang and other places in more than 10,000 acres.

This variety has many excellent characteristics such as being fast growing, drought-resistant, strong disease-resistant, high temperature-resistant, coldness-resistant, saline-alkali-resistant, dense planting, good in material, etc. It is also an excellent rapid forest species, as well as industry and energy raw materials, and an ideal tree species for garden greening and ecological restoration of gobi desert and wasteland. Professor Ma Hao of Nanjing Agricultural University is the chief scientist of the company.


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In the future, the company will step up efforts in planting promotion and industrialization of Tianshan Bamboo Willow No. 1, accelerate the construction of an economic forest belt and plan to implement the forest and grass planting in million-hectare gobi desert and waste mountains, thus making contributions to sand prevention and control, national economy and social development.


The working group of CBCGDF Low Carbon Workshop will continue to tell more good stories in green and low - carbon governance to the world.





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