CBCGDF BCON Working Group Called Erhai Administration | What is the Effect of Buying Pomacea Canaliculata Egg Mass with a lot of Money?
2022/7/21 13:05:00 本站

Pomacea Canaliculata is listed as one of the first 16 invasive alien species that invaded China with the greatest harm. In order to effectively manage Pomacea Canaliculata, Dali, Yunnan launched a very good policy two years ago - buying egg masses with a lot of money.


This measure has greatly aroused the enthusiasm of farmers. While helping farmers to increase their income, it also ensured the smooth and efficient implementation of the physical removal of snails. Compared with traditional drug control and chemical control, by mobilizing farmers' enthusiasm for efficient and large-scale removal The method of Pomacea Canaliculata egg mass is particularly environmentally friendly and will not damage the ecological balance.


The acquisition of Pomacea Canaliculata egg mass requires a lot of capital investment, and each province and city needs to do what it can. While praising the "Dali model" of Pomacea Canaliculata governance, the BCON working group of the CBCGDF called on other provinces and cities to study diligently, adapt measures to local conditions, and actively explore their own local governance plans. Of course, let’s take a deeper look. Assuming that the policy of recycling Pomacea Canaliculata egg masses at a high price continues to be implemented, whether the maximization of profits will lead to artificial breeding of Pomacea Canaliculata to earn more money. How to solve the arbitrage problem remains to be discussed.


In the season of rapid breeding of snails, CBCGDF BCON working group further collects excellent practice cases of snail prevention and control, in order to better promote and benefit more provinces and cities.


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