GBIF Published Data of the Tetrameles Nudiflora Recorded by Yourantai in Xishuangbanna & Ecological Civilization Site
2022/3/2 16:12:00 本站

Recently, Gerard Burgermeister (Chinese name, Zheruo BO), director of Yourantai in Xishuangbanna & Ecological Civilization Site of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation(CBCDGF), reported the data of the Tetrameles nudiflora he recorded. The Global Biodiversity Information FacilityGBIFworking group of the CBCDGF has input and uploaded the data to the Global Biodiversity Information Platform.


This species are recorded by Yourantai in Xishuangbanna , located on the Bank of Lancang River in the north of Xishuangbanna city, on the hills with an altitude of 600 meters. In the early stage, the improper planting of rubber forest which destroyed the soil PH value, and the increasing of soil erosion  resulted in the destruction of the local ecosystem. Zhero BO, known as "Lao Bo", is a famous Swiss biologist, who once served as counsellor for environmental, economic and scientific cooperation of the Swiss Embassy in China. In 2003, he came to Xishuangbanna, took the rubber forest and made use of his knowledge as a biologist to change the appearance of the rubber forest, restored its former appearance and became a tropical rain forest with very rich biodiversity.

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