Shanghai Declares War on Channeled Applesnails | Beijing Spotted the Invasive Species Years Ago
2021/9/30 14:58:00 本站

It's reported that Shanghai is removing the famous invasive species Channeled Applesnails (Pomacea canaliculate) on September 27. Nearly 7,000 individuals have been removed.

In fact, Channeled Applesnails, or Goldenkuhol, (dubbed as "longevity snails" in Chinese with a very positive meaning) were artificially introduced into China as a delicacy's raw material 30 years ago. Unexpectedly, the animals escaped to the wild, which brought huge ecological threats to local biodiversity. 

Longevity snails attracted the attention of Beijing citizens in August 2006. A Sichuan-style restaurant did not fully cook them in pursue of tenderness, which turned into a disaster. The parasites Angiostrongylus cantonensis in longevity snails sickened a large number of customers. This incident became a highlight in that year, which enabled many people to first understand this invasive species. 

In Beijing, it was documented that they appeared in the wetland of Zizhuyuan Park in the wild of Beijing 10 years ago. In the summer of 2020, CBCGDF volunteers reported to the conservation group that they sighted this kind of snails in Beijing's Wenyuhe park. (see pictures)





The emergence of alien invasive species is often very difficult to be noticed. When people discover their existence, they may have arrived for a long time without any report. People should be very cautious when introducing alien species, for food, pet or trade. Possible negative environmental impacts should be taken into full account.


Author: Linda

Editor: Chloe

Published on Sept. 28 2021





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