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Food production is inseparable from land. However, some people are unscrupulous in order to make money and extend their black hands to the land on which we depend.


In recent years, due to market demand, earthworms in the land have also become a hot commodity. Some people are using electric machines to capture the earthworms in the land to obtain benefits.


Everyone knows that earthworms are beneficial insects in the soil, which help to loosen the ground and allow plants to grow better. Electric shock to capture earthworms is a devastating destruction. In addition to destroying beneficial earthworms, it also damages various animals and microorganisms in the soil. The act of catching earthworms by electric shock is an extinction damage to the ecological environment.


If some greedy people are allowed to blindly capture earthworms to gain benefits, the soil will lose its vitality, posing a serious threat to land security and food security. This is a topic that we have to pay attention to and has a bearing on our future.


China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF)'s observations on some e-commerce platforms found that the equipment and machines for electric shocking earthworms are selling very well, with high sales. For example, on the popular E-commerce platform Pinduoduo, some merchants sold more than 10,000 machines, some sold more than 9,000 or more than 8,000 pieces of equipment/machines used for electric shocking earthworms, which was shocking.


In addition, on many social media platforms, there is also information on selling machines used to electric shock earthworms, although there seems to be no relevant information on some platforms.


The CBCGDF E-commerce Environmental Responsibility Working Committee calls on the public to report the platforms that trade electric shocking earthworm machines.


At the same time, the E-commerce Wildlife Free Action Team strongly urges Pinduoduo, JD, Taobao, Douyin and other platforms to remove products related to electric shock earthworm machines.


In addition, the E-commerce Wildlife Free Action Team will search for the source of environmental public interest litigation (EPIL) on the Internet, file a lawsuit against it, and promote e-commerce wildlife free and ecological civilization through legal means. Everyone is welcome to provide clues and participate.




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