2084 Pieces of Illegal Fishing Equipment, A Total Length of 63300 Meters and 4950 Kg of Illegal Catch | CBCGDF Volunteers Participated in the Patrol of the Songhua River Basin
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On July 10, 2020, the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) Harbin Ecological Protection Team and the Law Enforcement Brigade of the Agricultural and Rural Bureau of Daowai District carried out the 17th action on the "Ecological Protection Plan" of the Songhua River Basin.


Since the Songhua River entered the fishing ban period in 2020, a large number of illegal fishing gears still exist on the river. The illegal fishermen have taken away many aquatic organisms in the river, causing serious damage to the river water. This also seriously threatens the conservation of aquatic biodiversity and the survival of fish populations in the Songhua River.


In order to eliminate this illegal act, the CBCGDF Harbin Ecological Protection Volunteer Team launched the "Songhua River Basin Ecological Protection Plan” and carried out law popularization and education for fishermen and villagers along the coast. The A Shi River is rich in products and rich in fish but was "looted" during the fishing ban period. This situation has also attracted the attention of relevant departments.


The volunteers work together with relevant functional departments to combat illegal fishing and clean up illegal fishing gear. As of July 10, a total of 17 patrols were conducted in the Songhua River waters, 376 volunteers were dispatched, and 2221 pieces of illegal fishing equipment were seized, with a total length of about 63300 meters, and about 4950 jins of fish, shrimp, snails and loach were rescued and released back to the river.


Volunteers couldn't help feeling that a large number of illegal fishing gear can be found on the e-commerce platform for sale. A member of the CBCGDF E-Commerce Environmental Responsibility Working Committee stated that there are too many examples of illegal sales of fishing gear on online e-commerce platforms, and once again called for strengthening the supervision of relevant platforms to effectively fulfill corporate social responsibilities.


CBCGDF volunteers hope that through collaboration with functional departments and the media, publicity, patrolling, and cracking down on illegal cases will be carried out to systematically protect the ecology of the river basin. At the same time, they hope that more relevant departments, media, social organizations and individuals concerned about the ecological environment of Songhua River will join together to protect it.


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