Beijing Shunjing Hot Spring Hotel Is Breeding Red-Crowned Cranes? CBCGDF Went to Quaternion Bridge to Conduct a Field Investigation
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Red-crowned crane is a world-class endangered species and China's first-class protected animal. Recently, in response to the issue of "A golf course is breeding red-crowned cranes near the Ming Tombs Reservoir” in Changping District reported by a whistleblower volunteer at the end of June, the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) policy and research department obtains more clues from the field investigations on the “hidden corner” of the Ming Tombs Reservoir.


In the previous investigations, several locals mentioned: “The red-crowned cranes are raised because the logo of the Shunfeng Group Company behind the gold course is the red-crowned crane. There will be no business in the near future, need to re-plan and expect to open next year.”


“The company also has red-crowned cranes in its Shunjing Garden property near Quaternion Bridge. " A cook at the farmhouse opposite said, "I have always heard the call of the red-crowned cranes. "


Information on the Internet shows that The Shunfeng Group has Shunfeng Food & Entertainment Co., Ltd. in Beijing, mainly engaged in high-end Cantonese seafood and food manufacturing, distribution, agricultural and sideline products and other related industries. In the business scope of Shunfeng Group, there is no "wildlife domestication and reproduction" content.


Following this clue, CBCGDF staff conducted an investigation near the Quaternion Bridge. On the afternoon of July 4, the CBCGDF team arrived at Shunjing Hot Spring near Quaternion Bridge. They learned from the security guard at the Shunfeng Hotel next door that the red-crowned cranes are in Shunjing Park opposite. Reached the small gate of Shunjing Park. A security guard was watching the door and learned that the park was closed and the hotel inside was closed; the opening time was not confirmed.


They learned from the security guard that there are indeed red-crowned cranes in it, the exact number is unknown. Seen from outside the fence, it is still being decorated and greened inside.


In response to the information obtained about the hotel and golf course breeding red-crowned cranes, CBCGDF will continue to follow up the investigation and update the relevant situation.

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