Zhou Jinfeng: Do a Good Service Work for the Enterprises’ Biodiversity Survey
2020/6/23 14:57:00 本站

Biodiversity is the condition on which human beings depend, the foundation of sustainable economic and social development, and the guarantee of ecological security and food security.


Recently, some domestic companies have called China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) for biodiversity survey, assessment, protection and other related work. To this end, Zhou Jinfeng, the Secretary-General of CBCGDF hosted an internal discussion. He emphasized at the meeting: the construction of related projects should focus on letting wild grass grow and fully promote the protection of native species; Reduce waste of resources and make use of the ecological space on the roof; do not use toxic chemicals such as pesticides, control harmful factors, reduce additional ecological environmental costs, and ultimately achieve the purpose of enriching biodiversity.


In addition, Dr. Zhou also expressed praise for the company’s conducting biodiversity surveys. We believe that there are such standards and requirements in the world, at least with such awareness. CBCGDF actively advocates companies to carry out biodiversity surveys, and will do a good job of service for companies' biodiversity surveys, effectively provide biodiversity survey services for every city, factory, village, and other important habitats on the planet, doing a good job of protecting the biodiversity of each model habitat is an important foundation for global biodiversity protection.


At the meeting, Dr. Zhou also introduced a series of standards for biodiversity work formulated by the CBCGDF Standards Development Working Group, including short-term one-time surveys (instant surveys/instantaneous surveys) and surveys with a period of one year (four seasons), and monitoring and evaluation surveys for three to five years, it will also provide companies with comprehensive and extensible investigation plans and reports. He also said that companies that choose to conduct surveys will be awarded the title of Model Base for Biodiversity Conservation, hoping that companies across the country will learn from them, and that more local companies will also conduct biodiversity surveys and evaluations, hoping that all industries will be able to pay attention to the protection of biodiversity.

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