Police and Civilians Jointly Patrolled More Than 15,000 Kilometers for A Month to Combat Illegal Fishing and Protect the Aquatic Resources of the Songhua River – CBCGDF Sent a Letter of Thanks
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Since the Songhua River entered the fishing ban period on May 16, the Food, Drug and Environment Branch of the Harbin Public Security Bureau, together with the local volunteers of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), conducted joint defense and protection in the waters of the Songhua River for more than 30 consecutive days, cracked down on illegal fishing and cleaned up a large number of illegal fishing gears, which was highly praised by the volunteers and the public.


Recently, in response to the application of the local Volunteers of CBCGDF, the CBCGDF Research Department specially issued a letter of thanks to Harbin Public Security Bureau, thanking its subordinate Food, Drug and Environment Branch for their relentless efforts of protecting the aquatic resources of the Songhua River regardless of all kinds of harsh weather conditions together with the volunteers of CBCGDF during the fishing ban period.


The CBCGDF volunteers said that during the course of the Songhua River protection law enforcement operation period of time, over the past 30 days, the Food, Drug and Environment Branch has been working with volunteers on the frontline of fighting against illegal fishing, actively participating in patrols and operations, cleaning up fishing gears, and carrying out law-enforcement work for fishermen on both sides of the river, demonstrating high capacity and policy level; In the meantime, this more than a month of cooperation between the police and the people and the joint fight against illegal fishing have also created a new situation in which the police and the civilians jointly build and protect the Songhua River.


According to the statistics of CBCGDF volunteers, only one month in May, the local volunteers of CBCGDF and the Food, Drug and Environment Branch of the Harbin Public Security Bureau have patrolled along the river a total of 27 times. The patrol sites cover many districts and counties in Harbin, as well as 120 villages in about 51 towns and townships in 11 cities and counties including Suihua City and Helen City, the total patrol mileage reached more than 15,650 kilometers.


Among them, only in terms of protecting the aquatic resources of the Songhua River, the police and the people have jointly cleaned more than 1,340 ground cage nets, which are about 15,350 meters long; about 400 pieces of hanging nets and big spin nets, about 30,000 meters long; Rescued catfish, loach, carp, mud snail and other wild fish and shellfish 12,045 kg.






(Photo credit: CBCGDF volunteers)

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